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Ged dedicated Innovative EdVoid Products & Services for your Institution and Engage your students and take advantage of IT Intervention in your institution.

    For Every School

    Power your schools with EdVoid! It does great things, satisfies Teachers, Students and Parents.

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    EdVoid is for students!

    At EdVoid we do our best to give plenty of opportunities to every students. We are like friends for each student.

    Every Student gets opportunity to showcase their talents in front of their own school or nearby schools. We also provide scholarship to bonafide students an we help them to explore more. We also conduct different type of games and matches for students.

    Keep an eye on your children.

    Integrated with full Automation and Notification system for parents

    We notify parents whenever something goes wrong in school. Teacher use EdVoid to communicate with Parents and Parents can also communicate with Teachers any-time we also provide different type of academic report to parents. So, that they can also see ward’s performance.

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    Games, Quizzes & Lot of fun!

    We understand study & academics are important. But, we should also accept co-curricular activities are also important nowadays.

    We conduct periodic competitions, games in each school and we award bonafide and talented students. We also give them opportunity to compete with other school students.

    Students can also earn with help of their obtained knowledge. They just have to create a good explained video focused on some kind of good topic and we will pay them for each video.

    Free Mentorship programme by Top Mentors

    We’re also collaborating with Acad-Help for smooth mentorship expierence. With EdVoid you can now get mentors from IIT , IIM or people from fiels of interest. For more click here.

    A mentor will be assigned to you, and you both will be connected on our platform. You can send them message / Call them or ask relevant question or queries.

    Easy Install

    Don’t worry we will help you to setup or migrate your services completely free of cost!

    Communication & Messaging

    Get in touch with your teacher, friends, or any parents within a second. Share your daily class notes and documents with anyone.

    Dedicated Apps & Tools

    Every student, teacher, parents will be using your school’s app to get connected with teachers & parents. Parents will be able to see ward’s performance, attendance and lot of other things.

    Bus Problems? - Time saver

    We know lot of parents & students always wait for their buses. Don’t worry we will inform you 5 mins prior whenever your bus is nearby you using EdVoid’s intelligent bus tracking system.

    Notes, Lectures & Documents

    Missed any notes or lecture? Looking for previous year question paper or documents? We will help you to get it back. We maintain a large amount question papers and lectures.

    Your performance = Our Performance

    Dear students, your performance matters a-lot for us. We will help you with everything from scholarships to your class notes.

    Quality & Support

    Be assure to get support & assistance whenever you want. We will help you or solve your queries as soon as possible.

    Five Stars

    Try our product and you will surely rate us 5 stars.

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      Service Packages

      Basic Plan
      Per Student Per Month
      • 1 to 3000 Students
      • Attendance Management
      • Class Management
      • Student Management
      • Syllabus Managment
      • Teacher, Student, Admin Login
      • Bulk SMS, Email
      Per Student Per month
      • Unlimited Student
      • All Pro plan features
      • Exam Management
      • ID Card & Result service
      • Admission & management
      •  Access to coming up features
      • Free social media marketing

      Our each Plan comes with 24×7 support service. You can also suggest us customizations. You can download our official Business Proposal here to understand how we will serve you.

      Our Awards and Supporters

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      Clean Facts

      Entertainment & Fun 35%
      Activities & Guest Lectures 35%
      Academic Management services 75%
      Quizzes & Competition 50%

      Other Services

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      Our mission is to provide professional and highly creative software services and other related services that will assist businesses, individuals and students in promoting their brands and reaching out to parents, teachers and students all over the globe. We want to build a EdTech company that can favourably compete with other leading brands in the EdTech or Software industry.

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